Website Monitoring

Get notified about your website problems before your users see that.
Let all your services be monitored 24x7x365 while you focus on something else.

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Features Overview

Monitoring Websites, APIs and Services

Detect DNS errors, SSL errors, gateway errors, server timeouts.

Review uptime, downtime and response time.

See incident history in the Dashboard. Log response time and response size. Log each monitor status change.

50 monitors, 5 min interval for free.

Or choose 10 monitors with 1 min interval.

Get notified by email or Slack when an incident happens.
Customize monitoring

Ignore SSL errors. Set monitor timeout setting. Set authentication and headers. Custom http statuses.


Our pricing is based on the number of monitor checks per month. The more you get the more you pay. No step tariffs. However, we offer a free amount of monitoring that is equivalent to 50 monitors with a 5-minute interval per month. The same amount would be for 10 monitors with a 1-minute interval.

Here's your plan estimate

ten monitors with 1 minute interval between checks will cost $0.00 per month.